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    I am not impressed with the Treo 650 mail program's
    I've tried.

    None of them seem to put the picture in-line in the
    message. Most will just put a box/square around it
    with a red x in the corner and *at most* cross-link
    to start up Blazer.

    They should show the picture in-line without the
    cross-link, for every picture, if a "Show Pictures"
    option (non-default) is checked.

    My two cents.
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    Maybe you should have done your homework before you bought a PDA. You're not satisfied with the launcher options, you're not impressed by the e-mail programs... learn to live with what it can and can't do or return it.

    My two cents.
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    No need to be insulting here, Tom. ;-)

    SMC, you need ChatterMail, and specifically the current Betas (which are actually totally stable). They display HTML mail pretty well if it isn't that complicated, including graphics to a point. If the mail is too complicated for it, then it can launch a browser with the mail in just one tap, but I find that this is rarely necessary.

    Hope this helps,
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    The majority of smcracraft's posts have been complaints about what the Palm "can't do," and when shown that it CAN do some of those things, the complaint switches to something else. (See the thread about application launchers, where I recommend LauncherX with the Basique skin; smcracraft complains about "frilly colors" and unnecessary stuff. I even posted screenshots of my Treo 600 with the stock launcher and with LX/Basique to show that they're almost identical.)
    "Yeah, he can talk. It's gettin' him to shut up that's the trick!"

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