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    Hi all,

    I have 650 which was locked with cingular. I also have been using media net unlimited with no problem.
    Yesterday I received an unlock code from cingular. I input it, and it appears to work (I put in a singtel sim card from Singapore and got a text message immediately from singtel).
    However, today when I try to use blazer, it either disconnects an existing GPRS connection, or unsuccessfully tries to connect with CSD! I CAN establish GPRS by going in to prefs->network and doing a connect. I can also go into versamail and do a pop mail download via GPRS, but when I move over to blazer (or try to connect to some preset url's from my phone favorites button), I am unsuccessful and the GPRS connection gets cut off. It seems like blazer is intent on trying to connect via CSD, even though I've set GPRS in the prefs->network as the connection type I'd like to use.

    Can anyone help? Cingular did ask for the phone type when supplying me with the unlock code so I hope they are not purposely disabling my media net unlimited.
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    I think the issue is related to swapping in/out different SIM cards. I did a hard reset, which got everything working again. When I put in another SIM card, then went back to the cingular one, I had the same problem. So, at least with me (and this is painful), if I swap the SIM and desire to get blazer to work (via GPRS), I need to perform a hard reset after I put the cingular SIM back in the treo...

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