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    I'm fairly new to the Treo and just now getting ready to add email and IM to my device. I've read a bit about versamail, snappermail, verichat, and chatter. What are people's opinions on the best of breed?

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    Chatteremail without a doubt. It just keeps getting better as well. Stick with the stable builds though, the betas can be a bit hairy at times.

    Verichat is the gold standard for IM. It has SMS notification, which is a bit of a deal maker for me. It has had some recent instabilities, which is disappointing, but version 2.89 has been pretty good so far. Stay away from 2.86, that was a mess. Verichat requires a monthly fee, so you should try others out. If you don't mind keeping a background connection live, Chatopus is pretty good (tough to set up), otherwise I liked Mundu IM as well.
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    I use VeriChat and Chatter. From looking around, I found VeriChat was the only IM player in town that suited my needs. For email, I just recently switched from Versamail as I got tired of it's strange oddities. I tried Snappermail and was really quite impressed with it, but Chatter's support of IDLE for IMAP, and the fact it feels like a Blackberry, makes it the killer app for me. I've had it for 3 days and already sent in my registration info. And the developer support of Chatter is amazing.

    I'd try Snapper and Chatter out, both have trial periods. Play around with em, and go for the one that suits your tastes best. Although I went with Chatter, I found Snapper to be quite good as well.
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    verichat is very good especially since it covers aim, ym, and msn. i havent had any problems with the new version-if you are just looking for an aim one however, i would suggest toccer-search the forums for it. it works extremely well and is free.
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    Email on the Treo: Chatter.
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    Chatter is the best email app. If youre like me you will refuse to pay for IM'ing, it just seems silly. In that case check out Toccer for AIM.
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    ChitChat Lite is (currently) free for MS Messenger. Runs pretty well in the background, and works fine w/Chatter.
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    I disagree with this august group.

    I tried Mail, Eudora, Versamail, and Chattermail and thought all of them sucked.

    Snappermail is the best for me because it has a good interface, excellent
    attachment handling, and is neither a toy nor designed by or for geeks.

    Snappermail is a real mail program.
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    wow, I thought Chatter's interface was so intuitive and easy - never mind that I am a geek. I have never tried out Snapper though.

    I am one of those people that feels Chatter is the one app I would never give up. It literally doubled the value of my Treo overnight in ease of use and functionality.

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    Yup, i tried Snappermail as well. It caused some crashes, but the real problem was that for SD Card support and IMAP it costs $60 freaking dollars!!!! For a mail app?! Thats just nuts. Chatter does everything Snapper does and more for $40. Check out the comparison here
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    Verichat and SnapperMail. Why not set up forwarding to your sms address...instant blackberry functionality. Plus the BB technology is going to be intergrated in a few months on all Treos (Sprint) anyway
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    I used SnapperMail for over a year. Then tried Chatter. No contest. I've been a happy Chatter user for close to a year now. It's proven so critical, then I won't entertain Treo/Win unless and until something comparable is out there.
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    Try Aileron mail from
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