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    Hi Marc,

    I recently registered a copy of Chatter to try out for my company and I'm now sold. I'll be buying 5 more copies for my techs.

    After using the app for a solid month, I have a few feature suggestions/requests.

    1.) In the summary view, I love the hi-res option as I can fit more in the viewable area. A suggestion would be to have a line after each message in the list to deliniate them a little better. As it is now, the messages all sort of jumble together and you need to really look closely to pick out a specific message.

    2.) I'd also love to be able to use a few more colors in the mailbox option. I think there are 6 or 7 choices right now. Some of us crazy people with 10+ mail accounts would appreciate having more colors to choose from.

    3.) It would be nice to have a couple of more font size choices like snapper offers. something in between the standard palm font and the mini hi-res option. snapper offers 4 or 5 choices and one that I like very much.

    That's about it.
    I'm sure some of these items have been suggested before.
    Thanks in advance.
    Tony Ricciardi
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    Hi, Tony. What version of Chatter are you running now?

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    1.1p [95:48]
    Sept 23 2005@09:45:41
    Tony Ricciardi
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    Have some of those things been incorporated in the latest release?
    Tony Ricciardi
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    bumping this one to the top, looks like Marc missed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyricciardi
    Have some of those things been incorporated in the latest release?
    1.1.3b3 added Gray and Blue-Green

    Now there are 10 available colors:
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    Hi Marc,

    I don't know if this has ever come up, but I thought I would run this by you.

    Do you think you could add an option to send/receive email using my desktop internet connection during a Hotsync operation?

    I really like that particular feature of Versamail. It automatically sends everything in my outbox and gets new mail when I Hotsync.

    This is important to me because I am just outside the Sprint digital network and am roaming when at home, and much of the time when in my car as well. If ChatterEmail would use my PC internet connection when I put the Treo in the cradle to do a hotsync, I would never have to use that [otherwise] junky Versamail.

    What do you think?

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    So....when you're in your car, you don't get signal and Chatter does not automatically push the email?? Cause if you leave the program running, then everything will get pushed when you have signal. I guess I don't see the point in having sync with desktop.
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    the only point i see in versamail is that the send/receive actually happens on your desktop using its own connection which is usually a lot quicker than the phone's and then those changes are applied to versamail on the phone. to do something like that- it would have to be compatible with both windows and mac (which is tough) and i dont think the demand would be there. i certainly wouldn't benefit from such a feature seeing as i hardly hotsync anymore at all. but that's just me.
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    I live on Kauai and only a small part of the island is covered by the Sprint network. Most of the island is covered by Verizon and I roam on the Verizon network most of the time. I live and work in Kalaheo/Koloa/Poipu and often go as much as a week before I drive up to Lihue/Kapaa where I can use the Sprint digital network and send/receive email. I also use POP3, not IMAP. I would like to have a Verizon phone, but hey, they're just too darn expensive.

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