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    I am a Treo fan but not an owner yet. I may be an owner soon depending on the following Q&A... It is not an original one but since there is no one around me who uses it, I need your support to make sure about my following question.

    - Can I open and edit MS Office applications, especially Word, Excel, Powerpoint?
    - As far as my research about this topic on Treocentral threads, I learned that DTG is mentioned. But, I could not figure out its capabilities as far as ease on openning and editing like we do easily on Windows environment. Is DTG good enough or could you recommend a different/better ones?

    Thank you very much alreadyfor your contributions.
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    There are various levels of DTG. That said, the version that comes with the T650 (or actually, the one that you are allowed to download and install for free with the purchase of a T650) can open and resave Excel, Word, and Powerpoint native files.

    As a test, I've emailed myself files in these original formats, saved them to the card, and then opened them, edited them, resaved them, and resent them. They worked fine when resent.

    For my needs, I find that this version of DTG works just fine. I think Wordsmith is a better word processor, but I'm not sure about its ability to open native files (I always used a conduit on older devices.)

    Since I always travel around with a notebook PC these days, I rarely actually do serious editing with my treo - I usually just have to spot-check documents.

    BTW, there's a newer version of DTG that will offer native PDF reading too. It should be out soon, but a paid upgrade. If you need to check PDFs in the field, then this is probably worth it, since getting Picsel (search this forum) to work is complicated at best. (I got it working, however.)

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    Thank you Wernst. Your post has been very assuring for me. Not that I will use those applications often, especially editing but I needed the capability to begin with.

    BTW, I am placing my order because of that. You also helped to have one more Treo owner on this planet.

    Thanx much.

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