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    Good evening everyone. Since I've had my treo, I canít see me really performing at my work without it. But, the company I work for is growing and so is the incompatibility between what I use during the day now and what the company wants to do to synchronize appointments, calendars, tasks, emails, etc. One of the CRM tools we were looking at to sync contacts, calendars, and such is "Goldmine". I've heard a lot of good things about the program, but I am unable to get a clear answer on what this program would do for my treo. Does anyone have experience with using Goldmine and the Treo for business use? If you don't use Goldmine and rely on another CRM program, what program would that be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Scott
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    I use GM for work. I am using V5.5. I am not able to get 2 way syncs to work properly. One way syncs to the TREO will work fine.

    GM is a great CRM for a resonalble price.
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    We use SugarCRM at my office (which is free). It's web based, but there is a visual style that works very well with mobile devices.

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