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    Plantronics Pulsar 590

    So, I'm still on the 600 but will be upgrading to the 700 most likely W as oppsed to P. I'm looking at this headset and I'm wondering if anyone sees any pros or cons technically speaking. Does anyone know if the 700w will support the "A2DP profile"?

    Does anyone know of a similar headset with both stereo headphones and a phone mic, (edited to add, any brand BUT Seidio) hopefully with playback controls?
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    bump - bump
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    OMFG! Please tell me that's photoshopped!?!?
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    Quote Originally Posted by daThomas
    OMFG! Please tell me that's photoshopped!?!?
    Nope. Well maybe the word bumped.
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    That fight should have been stopped weekes ago.
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    ouch! I for one think this headset is baeutiful! I wonder if it will work with the ppc6700...

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