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    I currently get my faxes via eFax delivered in PDF format which obviously prevents me from viewing them on the Treo. I have contacted eFax to see if they have a viewer written for Palm software but they do not.

    Is anyone able to view eFax files on your Treo 650?

    Thanks in advance.
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    AcidImage Pro, GrxView Pro via tiff.
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    If you have efax plus (the paid version), set up to receive your faxes in .tiff format. Then use one of the viewers dlbrummels listed. I use AcidImage Pro with Efax Plus and send/receive faxes all the time on my Treo. Works great.
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    The built-in Media Viewer of the 650 can read TIFF files stored in the /DCIM folder of the card. I haven't tried multipage faxes, but i would assume they don't work past page one, and the magnification is either Too Much or Not Enough, but it works and is free...

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