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    I have a 30 minute commute on the NYC subway where there is no wireless service. I am looking for an app which will download a few webpages when I hotsync so I can read them on the train. For example I would like to download the NYT front page and have it also download each story linked from that front page (ie. AvantGo link depth = 1).

    Unfortunately, AvantGo just isn't working for me. It never seems to get the pages I want - even after spending (too much) time tweaking the settings. It also has issues with forgetting my username and password.

    RSS readers are a close idea, but only seem to give you the first few sentences of each newspaper. I've also had issues with Quicknews so that is out.

    What other alternatives are out there?
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    If you have not tried Quick News recently, you may want to check it again. I use v1.1 on a Sprint 650 with no problems. Most of the Avango channels I used to read are available as "full text" rss feeds.

    I ditched Avantgo about a month ago and have not looked back. This has freed up anoth 1meg of space on the Treo and allows Vindigo to work much more reliably.

    Good luck
  3. #3 it isnt being mantained anymore, but I still use it,

    then there is the jpluck replacement sunrise:

    I havent tried sunrise.
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