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    Can anybody help with the logic applied by the SMS application in looking up an addressee in the Contacts. The displayed options in my case seem to be mostly email addresses or items in category Other.

    What do I need to do to have mobile phone addresses displayed?

    Thank you
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    That's weird because SMS is for sending short text messages to mobile phones. I didn't do anything speacial. When I lookup the addressee from contacts it only displays those with mobile numbers. If it doesn't have a mobile number (like say home/work) it wont display it.
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    It shows contacts that have entries labeled as mobile, other and/or email.
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    Thanks for the replies. It seems that I have introduced the problem by customising the field order. I have noticed that in the Contacts edit screen there are 5 items with drop-down lists, for field name selection, associated with them. My Mobile label was not amongst those. If I make one of those Mobile, it then shows up in the SMS options. Still haven't got a handle on how those 5 become associated with the drop-down lists, but at least I have solved my SMS addressing problems.

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