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    I had a silicon skin and really loved it, until the lanyard section gave in to the weight. I switched to a leather case with a metal ring sewed in for the lanyard. I really liked the pink skin better but I need the easy acess that the lanyard provides. So beware of the wear and give related to hanging a rubber case.

    Although I haven't gotten around to doing it, I think the drill hole in the case is an good idea for hard resets.
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    A-hm.. I wasn't actually in the gutter - I was getting out of the car & the treo had popped itself out of the belt clip because of the angle it was on while I was driving. The belt clip on the cover requires you to turn the phone 90deg. before is will slide out.
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    I just ordered the p6 pouch with magnetic flip and beltclip from Treocentral and am still waiting for its' arrival.
    I had the leather case but after a while they become loose and that swivel clip will break at some point. The key thing for me is listening to ptunes while walking so the built-in belt clip seems feasable. I am looking at some skins also but without the protruding belt-clip. I like the holster and skin combo.
    In closing it is best to have at least 3 types of cases for the Treo depending on your tasks and environs.
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    I have 2 Z covers that I am not using..only been on the Treo in pink and the other clear...only one belt clip...anyone want them....just not my cup of tea
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