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    Lets say I want to open p tunes. To get there i have to hit the phone button, but the center button to unlock it, hit the home button, scroll down or hit p, hit center button. Clearly there is a quicker way to do this (five buttons?). Specifically, I would like either (a button i can press to turn on the treo to the last window it was open to) or (a kind of home window with appointments, weather, phone, links, etc. that only takes one button to get to).

    My other thing with the treo is the battery life. It is terrible, mine barely makes it a day. is this normal?

    Other than this, I love it!
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    For this you would have to disable the keyguard and setup one of the hardbuttons (or keys via Klaunch feature in Butler) to pTunes. However I personally wouldn't want to do that b/c it would then be too easy to accidentally turn on the Treo...

    Or you could use a 3rd party app like PocketProtetor to disable/configure the keyguard the way you want and then setup Ptunes as the default app for one of the hard buttons...That might be a decent workaround...
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    Red phone button turns on to whatever app was open when it turned off.
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    Use Butler quicklaunch and define, say P as the shortcut to Ptunes in the Phone. Then:

    If Ptunes was the last application running:
    then press the Red button followed by center button to wake up the Treo to the last application that was running (Ptunes)

    If Ptunes was not the last application that was running:
    then press the Red button+center button to wake up the Treo. Then press and hold the P button to launch Ptunes.
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    just what i was looking for. Thanks for the help.
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    Hmmm.. I changed the default 'Real' button (the one below the volume rocker) to open PTunes.
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    can you delete real player?
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    Quote Originally Posted by manoosie
    can you delete real player?
    No. It's in ROM. You can do a custom ROM, but that involves quite a bit of work, with some chance of killing your Treo. Not worth it for just one program. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    You can pretend it's not there (get rid of the item in the Applications launcher) by using free utility called Obfuscate. Search for it here. My URL list is at home...
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