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    I am trying to get an email client set up on my T650 for my corporate email, and am trying to determine if Versamail or Roadsync will work for me. My company ONLY supports MS Exchange Activesync, so I think these are my only two options to directy connect (e.g. w/o having syns sw on my PC and my PC on all the time, etc). After having browsed multiple threads and looking at the manuals, I have these questions:

    - Versamail seems to only sync the last 7 days of you calendar and delete all other calendar entries. Can this possibly be correct? Seems useless - I need my entire calendar, including all old entries, as I frequently search for specific past events.

    - Also, my current calendar is stored on my Palm Desktop, and Versamail seems to disable the Palm Desktop conduit. Is there a way around this, such as only configuring the device side app and not the app on your PC? (someone asked this already in a different thread but no one ever answered).

    - If my understanding of the above is correct, seems like Roadsync would be my best option (I only really need email, as I also use my Palm Desktop for contacts, tasks, memos, etc). However, my company only "advertises" support of Versamail. Do these 2 programs look exactly the view of the server? E.g. if my company definitely supports Versamail does that mean that Roadsync will definitely work or do they use different ports, protocols, etc? Versamail config requires a port number, while Roadsync requires a domain name, but otherwise the config settings seem to be the same (user name, password, email address, server name, and SSL). And is domain name usually just the last part of the server name? (e.g. if my server name is, would the domain just be typically?) Want to make sure Roadsync will work for me before I shell out the $50.

    - Anyone else have input on how well Roadsync works? Most comments I have seen have been pretty positive, whereas most on Versamail have been negative (lot of stability issues it seems). Does Roadsync integrate well with the rest of the 650 (such as how it handles alerts that you have new email, etc.)

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    I would also look at nextchange.
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    Apparently, DataViz basically abandoned Roadsync for Palm as soon as they found out about the Windows Mobile Version (which obviously obviates the need for 3rd party software for Exchange ActiveSync). So stick with Versamail...

    You sould check on Pimlico Software's Datebook 5, as it might get around the calendar retention limits on past appointments.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, but don't think Versamail will work for me if it forces you to sync calendar with your Outlook calendar and only keeps 7 days. Can anyone confirm/deny that this is the behavior and if there is a workaround?

    I don't think DateBook will help, as its a sync issue, not a calendar retention issue (as I understand it, the Versamail software that does the syncing with Exchange is what wipes out your calendar and puts in only the last 7 days worth of entires, not the calendar app itself)

    Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say Dataviz has "abandaned" Roadsync? As long as the current version works fine with email (and does not screw up my calendar), I may be forced to use it until a better solution comes out. What I really need to know is if the difference in settings you have to enter means it may not work with my company's Exchange server, which has only been "opened" for Versamail (it is a very large company so almost no chance I will be able to get them to change anything just on my behalf).

    Golfballman - Does NexChange work with MS Exchange - thought that RoadSync and Versamail were the only programs that worked directly with Exchange? I do not have a standalone PC that is always on to run sync software, which is why I also cannot use VZ wireless sync. I am looking for a solution that connects my 650 directly with my company's Exchange server.
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    Yep, it works directly with exchange. As long as you company has OWA/Activesync enabled your good. No pc needed.

    Look on the forums, there is a thread.

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