ok, here is my next hairbrained scheme. I wish to replace my car stereo with a mac mini that I may link with my iPod, treo 650, and a lcd screen. also, I would like to include the gps system that is compatible with the 650. my main questions are:
1. how do I turn the mini on when the button is on the back and the dvd drive to the front?
2. how do I sync my treo to the mac while it is in the gps cradle?
3. what additional power issues will I find? I plan to install this in my '02 toyota prius.
4. I believe there is a desktop/treo interface where I can operate the treo from the desktop--such as dialing calls, setting up hotsync, running gps software so it will be visable on the lcd, ect? I don't wish to be flamed on this, but a simple yes or no and the name of the software willl be appreciated.
5. has anyone else done this? any specs and suggestions also in thanks.
with this set-up I plan to be able to play movies from dvds, music from my ipod (or treo for that matter), streaming music from itunes using my treo as a modem through pdanet, gps, hands-free set-up through the stereo speakers for conversations (i have a blutooth headset that can cover this, but I may want to use that blutooth connection somewhere else with the mac mini), and any other suggestion to build a kick-*** multimedia entertainment center in a car I plan to spend a lot of time in (however I may upgrade hybrid vehicles so transferabilty(?) is also an issue). allright folks, get to the answers. by the way, its great to be back from iraq to spend my hard earned money!