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    Using shadowmites custom rom tool I took out all of the verizon BT files and replaced them with the BT files from Sprint. The ROM updated without a problem. Are there any sprint BT functions that are not available on Verizon?
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    No, all the Sprint bluetooth functions work on Verizon. I have a Verizonized Sprint phone and all the bluetooth functions work just fine.

    I am surprised to hear that you got the Sprint files to work on the Verizon ROM though. I remember reading in the past that Verizon users could not get it working like that, thus Shadowmite's modified version of the Verizon BTManager.prc file.
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    I know I have two 650's as one will be returned tomorrow so I thought I would give it a try. So far Zero resets, and everything works great.
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    Hmm, interesting. Maybe I will have to flash a VZW custom rom version on my sprint phone and use the sprint bt files. That was one of the biggest reasons I never upgraded to the VZW rom, not to mention all of the bugs that the original VZW roms had, but they seem to have fixed most of them now that 1.04 has been released.
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    Be careful crazyc... Remember they do NOT activate sprint phones anymore, if you kill it, you'll have to find a verizon 650...
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    Am I running the risk of killing by Verizon phone by replacing my BT files with Sprint BT files? So far everything is working including DUN and some file transferring that was not there b4. Just don't want to kill my lil baby.
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    pierce02, no, from the sounds of it you did it correctly, you should really post up a list of WHAT files you replaced and how so that all other vzw users can follow your lead. The dangerous part is being the first to do it and hoping it'll work in the first place. You took that step, the danger should be over.
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    Can you post a list of the files you updated? I attempted this update but I'm not seeing any new options in BT.

    Do you see the option to choose headset or car kit when pairing an audio device?

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    Okay, I will post what I changed out later today and beavis I have not paired with an audio device yet.
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    1)Download the Sprint update and follow instructios given by shadowmite to create a custom rom.
    2)Go to the folder with your and uzip this file to another folder (remember the name as you will need it later.
    3)Downlad the Verizon 1.04 update and create a custom ROM.
    4)Use the Rom tool to open the verizon rom and select all.
    5)Go back to the folder that you unzipped the Sprint to.
    6)Take out the following files on the right side

    7)Replace the files you removed on the right side of the tool with the same files from the sprint rom in the middle of the tool.
    8)Click Build
    9)Check to make sure that the file is 62kb.
    10)Move to SD card, click rom update and type ace.

    You have just updated your Bluetooth on the Verizon phone.
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    Thanks. I'll give it another try to see if I missed anything.
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    Shadowmite, thanks for the kind warning comments. I am aware of their new closed ESN policy. It sucks!
    Mines has posted on here in the conversion thread that he has successfully flashed the VZW ROM to a verizonized 650 using your custom rom methods and flashing from the SD card. A few people since then have also accomplished this.

    Last night, I did flash a customized Verizon ROM to my 650 AND used the BT file suggestions here in this thread. Everything seemed to be working as far as the ROM and BT files, but I gave up and went back to the Sprint ROM for a short while (maybe only until tonight) due to having to go through the Hotsync upgrade process and having to re-install any third party applications with their own conduits. I wasn't awake enough last night to do that.

    Anyway, back on topic... the BT file replacement appeared to work. Pierce02's instructions appear to be accurate.
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    Last night I re-flashed the Verizon ROM (well a custom version anyway) and I put the Sprint BT files into it. All seems to be working well so far. I've tested my BT reverse DUN connection and made calls with my headset. I have not tested the regular DUN yet though, do to the low signal at my house. I'm hoping to do some testing of that over the next few days.
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    Hello, I am new to this, any help will be great.

    1-where can i get the file from - i have download the "" file already, sprint update 1.12 and verizon update 1.04 (I do have a blank 512M SD card, if I need it)

    Would it be easy to do a hard rest on my treo and the procedure on my treo 650 clean and then reistall all of my apps and perform a hotsycnc for my contacts, memos and my wireless sync (for my company emails).

    I want BT DUN on my verizon treo.


    if someone is nice enough to post the verizon update 1.04 w/the sprint BT files incorporated, that would do it too. Either way I can follow direction, I just need that file(
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    I've wanted to do this for a long time, too, but I've been too scared. I currently use Shadowmite's BT hack to get DUN on my Verizon phone. Does using the Sprint files in the ROM make it work better, in particular, will I still have to switch DUN on and off in order to access the Treo's own data functions? That's the only thing that bugs me about the way it currently is.
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    GEC, that's the thing about custom roms... you have to do some reading and learn a few things before attempting something like that. All the instructions needed are on Even if someone gave you the file, you'd still have to be able to follow the custom rom flashing instructions to get it to work.
    Don't take me the wrong way. I'm not try to sound mean, I'm just trying to explain that custom ROMs and flashing them to your Treo CAN wipe it out. There are many tips and some tutorials posted here and on

    PSM, I've never tried the hacked version of the Verizon BTmanager.prc file, but from what I understand, it's not real stable. The Sprint version with DUN was released by Sprint and I've never had a problem with it on my Sprint ROM. As I posted previously, I have yet to test it out on the Verizon ROM.
    You will still have to disable DUN to use the normal networking features though. That's a limitation of BT v1.1.
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    It is a bit intimidating to get started but the best thing to do is follow CrazyC advice and go to and read the tutorials. I would not advice any rom updating until you fully understand what you are doing. Other wise you will create an expensive paper weight. It took me about a week to fully practice creating ROMs before I was comfortable enought to try it on my treo.

    PSM, The ROM update and the BT hack both add DUN to your Verizon Treo, I have used both. I prefer the ROM update because it is one less file to load into Ram. Plus I like to mess with my ROM.

    Cheers and good luck. Remember the fun is in the learning and then doing.

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