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    Hi - every email I reply to with Versamail is rejected
    for the outgoing send with

    550 relaying mail to hostname is not allowed

    where hostname is the name of the host in the email
    address of the sender of the message I am replying to.

    Any thoughts?
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    There are two places it asks for username/email in the Versamail account setup

    The first I listed my plain email name 'abcd'.

    The second I listed my email name ''.

    If I change the former to '' a GET gives
    -ERR invalid user name or password, when replying
    to any email message from outside my immediate

    If I leave it abcd, it gives the original error:

    550 relaying mail to hostname is not allowed

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    550 errors are coming from the SMTP server, not VersaMail. It's just reporting the error. The SMTP server thinks you are someone who should not be using it's server (way to stop spam for the rest of the world )

    There are several mail services that DO NOT allow you to mail unless you are dialed in to thier service directly. That could be the problem. I would check with the service provider to insure 1) you have all of your settings right and 2) they allow mail outside of thier service.
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    If you use Sprint, you can use their smtp server for outgoing. (
    be sure to use authentication, your sprintpcs vision username and password. Most ISP's don't allow relaying, which basically means you must be inside their network in order to use their smtp servers. I use Cox Communications for my ISP and I have to use SprintPCS for my smtp because Cox does not allow relaying.

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