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    Can anyone tell me how much the palm desktop software costs? Is there some cheaper place to get it? On the palm website I can't find a price for the stuff although it offers for me to download a trial version.

    In general I find it maddening, after switching to the treo 600 from an hp pocket pc, that so much of what were free and included applications on the pocket pc cost so much to get on the treo. Just to be able to edit word documents and a few other things I need a slew of porgrams each of which cost $30...$40...$50...and with the treo 600 having been superceded by the 650 and now the 700 coming out, I'm wondering; is all this worth it or should I just sell the thing?
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    The palm desktop software comes with the phone.
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    Palm does not charge for Palm Desktop. The version(s) available on the Palm website for download are not trial versions, but rather full versions. Select your device and download the appropiate version. However, if you have a Treo 650, then use the version of desktop that is included on the packaged CD.
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    Make me an offer, I'll sell you mine. And if you buy in bulk, I'll give a really good deal.

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