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    Is it possible?
    Calendars and Contacts I can do it by upload/down to/from dot mac.
    But: DocToGo, SplashID, Media etc…
    What are the folders that I have to copy from Mac1 to Mac2?
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    Yes, you can sync with two Macs; I do it regularly. Just install the appropriate software (e.g. Docs2Go) on both Macs. There's no need to manually copy any folders.
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    It works.
    Thank you!
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    I've been trying something similar, however I'm more interested in syncing calendars/todo items rather than other applications and/or folders. I do this in case I'm off somewhere with my laptop, and then want to use my treo to keep my laptop updated with my task list.

    I've done this by syncing my laptop with my desktop via .mac, then trying to sync the laptop with my treo, which normally I sync with my desktop directly.

    I've tried this both by syncing them, and by having the laptop info override the treo info. Both times I've gotten errors, and the data comes out either wiped out, or doubled up, or in some other way wrong.

    Anyone else having this problem? If it would help I could post the exact error message.


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