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    I used to use Avantgo to sync some content every morning before I would leave the house. This way I could read my news, etc without needing to keep the data connection alive. I have been reading more and more RSS feeds and was looking into quicknews when I ran into an old app I had tried for offline browsing from my pre-converged days.

    I starting reading about a conduit called Sunrise that could create plucker documents for rss feeds and allow you to read them offline. Exactly what I was looking for but from past experience, I remembered plucker was a pain to set up. But I figured I'd give the newest version with this new conduit a try.

    Verdict -- I am about to delete AvantGo. With Sunrise, I can tell it to sync every time I hotsync, or get feeds at 3am and sync them in the morning for me. I can program my 5 way buttons to do almost anything I want in plucker. I have no size limits like I did in Avantgo and it all syncs to the sd card. It all loads 10 times faster than Avantgo with no ads. Like in Avantgo if I click a link that was not downloaded, it asks if I would like to go online, but it uses Blazer to go to the link.

    Instead of programming all of my rss feeds into it, I used This allows me to take any rss feeds and reformat them for my mobile device. This is useful even if you read your rss live on your treo. I then simply put my site into sunrise.

    Obviously I have spent about the last 4 hours messing around with all of this, finding the links to all of my avantgo sites, syncing, resyncing, comparing it with avantgo. All of the blutooth syncing to the card brough my battery down to 30% so I decided to stop folling around. Once you figure out how to configure the buttons so that you do not need the stylus to click on links, it is as easy to navigate as avantgo, faster, more customizable, and less restrictive.

    For those of you who still like to do some offline browsing, rss reading, etc, this is the way to go.

    Oh.. Yeah... I forgot to mention... Plucker, sunrise, and are all FREE.

    Sunrise can be found here:

    Plucker here:

    And Mobile RSS is just
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    I've been using Avantgo for years, but am unhappy with it now. Just got Express and that is pretty nice for news, but limited in the content to what Express offers. Think I might try Sunrise and Plucker. Sounds pretty good.
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    This is exactly the problem I have been having with Avantgo. It takes forever to download and sync and I just cant ever seem to get the page I want when I'm on the subway in the morning with no data connection. It would be great if Blazer could be set to download and save certain pages every day at a set time. I'll check out sunrise. I have quicknews set for my podcasts, but it has been having sync issues so I might do away with it and just drag my podcasts over from itunes manually or try that other one which is free and resides on the SD card.
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    I dont know if at can do podcasts. I set sunrise to download all of my news sites at 5am and my rss feeds on sync to save time. I sync via bluetooth and avantgo took a while. Via BT syncing to the card with sunrise was faster. I even set a few sites that don't have mobile sites to sync through skweezer and it worked fine.

    You can set the rss feeds manually, but I found using to be a bit more convenient to manage all of my feeds and then just sync the one site through sunrise. Plucker is a capable reader and has a smaller footprint than Avantgo. Too bad Avantgo has been so stagnant. I have been using it for years, but it looks like it will now go bye bye!

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