Hi gang,

I'm using a Treo 650 with Mac OS X 10.4.3, and I've taken a bunch of photos & videos with my phone over the last several months.

I have the "Media" conduit set to synchronize my media to my computer, and all the photos/videos I've taken over the last few weeks show up just fine in my "Home>Pictures>palmOne photos" folder & my "Home>Movies>palmOne Videos" folder.

In fact, if I were to take a new photo or a new movie right now, and then synchronize my Treo 650 to my Mac, those new photos & new movies would show up in their appropriate places.

HOWEVER -- here's the problem: I have about 75 photos & videos that were taken EARLIER than this current batch of photos & videos, and they do NOT show up on my computer after a synchronization.

I can't figure out why all these earlier photos will not show up on my computer, but all newer photos/videos will show up just fine.

Does anybody know how I can FORCE these older photos/videos to show up on my computer after a synchronization?