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    I'm having problems with the Headset Jack on my Treo 650. Whenever I use my headset, I experience very poor sound quality; which is not the case when I use the speakers directly. The problem is not with the headest itself because I've bought several headsets and it's the same story. Rather, I reckon the problem is with the headset jack (the entry point of the headset to the Treo 650). Does any one know how I can solve this problem? It has made me unhappy at the moment because my Treo is less than 3 months old.
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    Lots of people have had this problem including me. I had sprint replace my phone the first time. But, when my replacment started having the same problem I took matters into my own hands, opened up the phone and re-soldered the jack myself. Works like a charm now. Might want to search the forums here for keywords like headphone jack or 2.5mm jack if you're interested in learning more about this fairly common problem.
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    I ran a search as you advised and I was shocked to see the number of people that have had similar problems in the past. I hope the soldering process is an easy task to perform because I'm very inexperienced it matters like this. Do you advise I give it a try with the hope I don't mess up things further. At the moment, I don't even have the tools to undertake the task.
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    Well it takes a steady hand. Might want to exchange the phone first, try to get a hardware revision B model as well. If you're going to go ahead and solder it yourself make sure you practice on something else first
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    I had to replace my Treo 650 twice (I'm on my third) before I got one that didn't have this problem. I use my Treo 650 as my MP3 player and the static made that impossible.

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