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    Installed keyshades last night and was having no problems. I could toggle them on/off with the side button. Then this morning, I noticed my backlight wasn't on. I then tried to turn on the keypad lights - nothing. Soft reset...nothing. Warm reset...nothing. Uninstalled keyshades and reset...nothing. Hard reset...nothing!!

    Any ideas?
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    Keyshades??? Sounds like a product I'd like. I've been bothered by the bright keyboard which does not dim at all even when I dim the screen for quiet inobtrusive use at night. Where do I find Keyshades?
    -- Josh
    PS And does it work well, since the original post here calls that into question!
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    Zero reset fixed. Not sure if keyshades are the problem, so I'm going to install with no other 3rd party apps to see if I can isolate it. In the meantime, below are links to two different programs that allow you to toggle the keyboard lights.

    Keyshades (free)

    KBLightsOff (5.50)
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