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    I still have this problem. Especially when treo freezes after connecting Internet for a while.
    When I reset the phone, the time lost couple minutes.
    This is very frustrating. Is there any solution?
    I have enabled & disabled network time, but problem still exist. I have also replace the phone several times.
    I'm using Unlock GSM phone.
    Any suggestion will be very appreciated.
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    On my device, a reset sometimes results in a loss of time and sometimes it doesn't. I used to keep the Network Time option enabled all the time - and that worked - but it caused occasional resets when I moved into other time zones, so I disabled it.

    There are several apps that will adjust the time of your device by querying standard clock via the internet; I use TreoAlarm, myself. I've set a schedule for TreoAlarm to adjust the time of my Treo 3 times a day; also, I've developed the habit of switching to TreoAlarm after a reset and tapping menu-T to adjust the time.
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