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    Hey guys...

    So I was on a plane flight today and when we landed I naturally turned my Treo's phone back on. As expected I received voicemail and text message notifications. As I was responding to some of my texts, all the text messages in my Inbox disappeared! I have NO idea what happened - it didn't freeze, it didn't give a warning - nothing.

    Tried to reset a couple of times - no success! Text messages gone forever!

    Now, my Treo says I have 1 text message awaiting (text notification in upper left hand corner), but I have no texts. And now, EVERYTIME I try to write a new text message and send it, it resets on me!

    However, I received a couple of texts this evening and was able to reply. So I can reply, but I can't compose a new text message and send it.

    Has this happened to anyone? Any thoughts on solutions?

    I would just back it up and do a hard reset, but I'm on the road and don't have a way of backing it up.

    Any help is appreciated guys! Thanks in advance!
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    Install FileZ and delete the Messages_Database file. That won't get your lost messages back, but it will clear that constant 1 message indicator and should let you compose and send again.
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