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    I have been running verichat flawlessly with no problems. Then I can't connect to anything tonight...I get a message that I can't connect to IM proxies. WWW is still working fine. Chatter still working fine. Anyone else having this problem? I don't think I can change proxy settings in verichat.

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    i use the 5.99 plan without a problem?
    make sure your network settings r for T-Zones and not Tmobile Internet
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    I haven't changed anything. Was connecting to everything fine before this afternoon. Now, I get a message saying "cannot connect to IM proxy." Internet still works fine. This is so stressing me out!
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    VeriChat can't connect today for me either, and I'm on Sprint. As with you, Chatter works fine. So does Blazer. On my PC using Trillian I can connect to the chat services fine. It's just VeriChat that has the problem.
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    No problems here.

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