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    Am a relatively happy TREO 650 owner. I need to do ppt presentations directly from my TREO 650 and eliminate lugging around my laptop...
    Margi Presenter-to-go hardware discontinued, and Igo's Pitch hardware only compatible with Palm's Tungsten series.......

    Help... is there anything out there for the TREO 650????

    Doesn't have to be wireless, a serial connector to the PC viewer is fine with me.
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    this is why my brother was able to sell his used Margi presenter hardware for over $250.00 on ebay.
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    I use my Pitch Duo with my 650 all the time. Check again. It works fine. In fact, it's the same unit I got originally for my Treo300 (!). Good to go.
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    I'm pretty sure the iGo Pitch Duo is compatible with the Treo 650...

    Also, another rairly mentioned option is Enotate...
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    u can get that margi online for like 75 bucks on ebay. take a look.
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    the best thing about the Pitch is that it doesn't use the SD card slot - I store about 10 standard presos on my 2Gb SD card. That way I don't have to use the main device memory to store the preso, as I would if I used the Margi....

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