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    Sprint to Offer BlackBerry Connect for Palm OS

    spokesperson for Sprint Nextel has confirmed that the company plans to offer BlackBerry Connect software on Palm OS devices next year.

    The news comes from an interview with Eric Martin, manager of business device marketing at Sprint. Sprint currently offers the Palm Treo 650.
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    They have been promising that forever (or at least since May 2004):

    "PalmSource is expected to make the Palm OS Mail Client that supports BlackBerry Connect available to Palm OS licensees in the second half of 2004, as previously announced."
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    I'd pretty much given up on this given the false promises we've seen in the past. But since Cingular has officially announced its rollout of Blackberry Connect for November, the Sprint/Treo possibility seems a bit more plausible now.
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    hmmm. The Treo 650 is a 2004 device. And they're going to offer BB connect on Palm phones next year? Sounds like Sprint is releasing a new Palm OS device next year, since yes, the palm BB connect has been finished since 2004.

    New Palm treo soon?
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