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    I have been having a few resets lately so I took a look at the P1 support page. There was a comment by P1 (buried deep in a thread about fixing resets) that the Zap 2016 game included on the Treo CD can cause resets - even if you don't run the game. As I never use the game anyway, I deleted it off my 650. Guess what? No more resets.

    I searched around here and didn't see that anyone had posted this before, so I thought you might want to try deleting Zap 2016 and see if it stops your resets.

    I can't believe P1 would include a game with its product that causes resets! Well. . . yes I can.
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    If I'm repeating what someone has already said look at how long the thread is and ask yourself if you really expect me to read the whole thing.
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