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    I have both PowerRun and ZLauncher. In the past, I have used PowerRun to put applications on the SD card. Is there any difference putting programs on the SD card using PowerRun versus moving the program to the SD card with ZLauncher?
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    The location of the files but thats about it. The PowerRun short-cuts * cannot be turned off, Zlauncher can. I stay with PowerRun because it gives a a good summary of my memory info (RAM and SD), size of programs and lists all my programs very nicely.
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    I use Zlauncher, but I can see why PowerRun may be more attractive. The main reason is that PowerRun will run within the default palmos shell or within any 3rd pary launcher. For example 0when using Zlauncher, if you exit Zlauncher and then try to launch an app which was moved to the card using zlauncher mem manager, the apps will launch but will not be removed from ram upon exit since you are out of the zlauncher shell. You will have to go back into zlauncher and relaunch the app and exit to correctly remove the app from ram. With PowerRun you won't have to worry about that and it will always remove the app upon exit no matter which shell you are using. That is imo one of the main (if only major) dislike I still have about Zlauncher fyi...
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