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    I've sent emails to Seidio to produce something like the innoCharger ever since we first found out that the 650 would have a removable battery. I don't want to present a review of the device, you can find those all over the web. I want to share some thoughts on how this has changed the way I use my Treo - I think of it as the perpetual battery that makes the Treo wireless in every way. (No sync cable because I use BT over USB, and no charge cable since the Treo itself doesn't ever have to be the charger). When you think about it, it is silly to have a $600 phone serve double-duty as the sole charger.

    I don't buy many accessories (BT GPS and stereo headset are the only other ones I have and care about), but this is IMO a must-have accessory (one of the few) for the Treo.

    The Charger changes the way I use my Treo. Before, when I got home, I'd leave the Treo in the charger for 30 minutes to 1 hour to recharge. If I had to go somewhere, I'd have to take the risk on running out of juice. With the InnoCharger, all that has changed.

    No limit on usage:
    The problem was, this conscious worry about running out of juice changed the way I used my Treo. Only have 40% left? Maybe I shouldn't use pTunes on the trip home. Or perhaps the avis I just downloaded via TCPMP will have to wait. Or the games can wait. Now, I just pop in the new battery, and I'm good to go, knowing that there's almost no way I can run down the battery before getting back home, and a fully charged battery will be waiting for me when I get there. I use any app with no worries about running down the battery.

    This is even more apparent when you forget to leave the phone plugged in overnight. I use it as an alarm clock, so it has to be next to the bed, but there's no empty socket nearby. So, I'd often turn off the phone to conserve battery life. The first time you miss an emergency call from friends or family at 12:30 AM, you know this isn't a great solution. Now the phone stays on all the time.

    Auto-updating apps
    The biggest improvement may be auto-updating apps. Namely, QuickNews. I love having all the information updated and available in the morning. Before I got my Charger, however, I was always worried that it would run down the battery too much (it does - I go from a full battery at night to mid-80s by the time I get up after a QN update since I have a lot of feeds and images to update). Without the charger, it's down to 70% after some pTunes / QuickNews reading/ browsing on the way to work. With the Charger, I start over with a fresh battery when I get up with QN fully updated, and am still up around 90% when I get to work. The Charger has, in effect, made QN a viable option for me.

    The Palm cradle is the only alternative, but I always thought of it as too bulky. The InnoCharger is perfect in this respect. It's not too big, and can charge from the wall, car, or USB.

    No 'full battery' indication
    I seriously considered returning this accessory when I realized that there was no way to know when the battery is fully charged (it won't overcharge, it just doesn't turn off the LED). In practical use, however, I've never run into a situation where I need to do a swap in less than 2 hours. This has been enough time based on my experience to get a fully charged battery-so I've never pulled out a less-than-fully-charged battery.

    Just my thoughts. And I am glad Seidio responded to my (our) requests.
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    My questions/concerns:

    Do the Innocharger have on-board circuitry to detect full charge and change it's charging current/voltage accordingly?

    Does it have the smarts to charge Li-ion battaries correctly?
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    Seidio claims it won't overcharge your battery, even if it's a non-standard one. They posted that in another innocharger thread.
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