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    Does anyone know of programs for the Treo650 that allow you to remotely administer Windows Server?
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    PalmVNC - it's free.
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    I'm using mobileTS by DDH software, it uses 128 bit encryption...
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    Also try Micro VNC - like PalmVNC except it includes SSH tunneling (i.e., it's more secure).
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    There are a couple RDS (req min XP home) clients afaikafaikafaik $for$ $PalmOS$ $including$:

    Mobile TS:


    Remote Plus:

    Otherwise options like PalmVNC, Winhand etc are also available...
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    you can also get deep into it via a server app called 'SonicAdmin' from Avocent:
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    Quote Originally Posted by olywogle
    I'm using mobileTS by DDH software, it uses 128 bit encryption...
    I have not had any success so far using Mobile TS to allow my Treo 650 access to my laptop running XP Pro. How did you get your's up and running? My laptop is linked to the house's main computer via Lynksys wireless card/router. I'm not sure if this is affecting the connection. Thanks.

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