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    Is there a way to determine the structure of the Palms internal Databases? I need to export some call log details from PhoneCallDB, I can open it and get total no of records but need to know how to read DB records when I don't know the DB's structure... thanks
    palmOne Treo 650 GSM 01.31 / 1.13
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    Here it is:

    typedef struct {
    UInt16 flags; // 1 is for incoming
    // 2 is for Missed
    // 3 is for Outgoing
    // 7 is for Data
    DateType date; /*Date of the call*/
    TimeType time; /*Time of the call*/
    UInt32 duration; /*Duration in seconds*/
    Char name[1]; /*Name of caller or NULL*/
    Char number[1]; /*Phone Number of caller or NULL*/
    } PackedPhRecord;

    name is variable length null terminated string. number string immediately follows the null ending the name.

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    *GREATLY* appreciated - just what I needed! Thanks!

    palmOne Treo 650 GSM 01.31 / 1.13

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