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    Greetings all,

    I'm on Cingular in So. California, and just this past week upgraded my Treo 600 (battery finally died) to a brand new 650 (LOVE IT so far, no problems whatsoever). For awhile now I've been using the basic Palm leather side-loading case (purchased right here from the treocentral store). But now I've decided (for various reasons) that I no longer want to carry my Treo "externally" on my belt for everyone to see. Instead, what I "think" I want is some type of vertical pouch case that I can carry inside my pocket. What I mean is, instead of using the belt clip to hang the pouch case externally from my belt, I'm going to turn the thing around and "hang it" inside my pocket (all one would see from the outside is the outer surface of the belt clip attached to the lip of my pocket (the Treo would be inside my front pant pocket within the pouch case).

    Here's the problem I'm running into as I search around for a new vertical pouch case to accomplish this. All of them I've seen so far have the belt clip mounted (centered) half way up the case (which is normal). The problem is, if I try to turn any one of them around and hang the vertical pouch inside my pocket, half the Treo is sticking out of my pocket (visible) because the belt clip is so "low" (picture what I'm saying?). I'm wondering if anyone has come across a vertical pouch-type case where the belt clip is mounted very "high" on the case (up near where the Treo antenna is)? Therefore I can "hang" this vertical case in my front pocket and only have the antenna sticking out (if that). This case would have to be very thin (perhaps even a skin case) so I can still reach around it and grab the car keys out of my pocket if need be. And before you ask, the reason why I don't want to just put it in my right front pocket is because of these same keys (they would scratch the Treo, I've had it happen before, even with a case). But having the Treo "suspended" higher in my pocket (by the belt clip of the vertical pouch) would offer more protection from contact with whatever is in (the bottom) of my pocket (keys, loose change, etc).

    Thanks for reading, hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you've come across anything like I'm describing above for online purchase. I've spent a good deal of time looking already and haven't come across anything.

    Thanks in advance!
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    What about the Nutshell?

    Since it uses a regular clip instead of the swivel you'd be able to slide your pocket all the way to the top of the clip.

    Also the Bellagio pouch looks like the clip is pretty high up.
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    Do you want to have anymore children? If yes, I'd advise against it. lol
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    That's too funny. . . actually the whole "children thing" did cross my mind with this plan. That's why I plan to carry the Treo on the outside (lateral) edge of my pocket. Though things could get "interesting" if I forget about it and sit down too quickly

    But kidding aside, thanks for your suggestion lgreenberg about the Nutshell case. I lookad at it already yesterday, and concluded that it would "almost" work. It's not ideal in that the clip is still just a bit too low and thus the phone would probably stick out a bit too much [is that a phone in your pocket or are you jsut happy to see me!? ] But if I had no other options I guess I would go with this. . .

    But I'm still in hopes that someone has come across another case somewhere with an even higher clip? Anyone?

    Thanks again
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    Sounds like you might need to do what I did. I also needed something more "custom" than what was being offered on the web, so I found a local leather shop in the area and am currently having one custom made for around $40.00...This way, you get exactly what you want.
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    Just a random question? What do you want this case to do? Protect, function, and ummm look good, which function would you like it to do?

    Are you a doctor in the sense of medicine? The reason I ask is, cause there are only a few people that use lateral in the sense of physiology terms. May I ask where you specialize, if you are a doctor or some sort of practitioner?
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    Why do you need a case at all to carry it in your pocket? I simply use a BoxWave screen protector and slip the Treo in my pocket as is. I've had no problems at all. And I can answer it a lot faster than if I had to take a case out of my pocket and then pull the Treo out of the case.
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    >>And I can answer it a lot faster than if I had to take a case out of my pocket and then pull the Treo out of the case.

    If you imagine the Nutshell vertical pouch case on the inside of your pocket, you'll realize that you wouldn't need to pull the case out to access the Treo. You could simply slide the Treo out of the case to use it, and then slide it back in afterwards (case never leaves pocket). [by the way, with the above reference to the "children thing", the name Nutshell takes on an all new significance, LOL! But I digress. . .]

    For reference, one of my reasons (there are several) for wanting to do this ties in directly with the recent forum post about a "weekend case" for the 650. You don't always wear a belt or want to have an exposed Treo on your hip at all times. . .

    Finally, I find my right front pocket accumulates alot of "stuff" over time whenever I leave the house. Keys, loose change, tickets, chapstick, etc, etc. (am I the only one with this problem?) Sometimes it's hard to quickly pull out a ringing Treo when it's "buried" under your keys and everything else in your pocket. This is why I would prefer to have it "suspended" higher up. . . But am I the only one with this problem, does anyone else have trouble with other pocket stuff "burying" their pocketed Treo

    Thanks again

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