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    We’d like to take this chance to thank all who have taken the time to provide feedback about our company and our products. Without your responses, we would be shooting in the dark.

    Seidio does everything in its power to make every customer’s experience a positive one. Every company goes through growing pains, just like almost every piece of software goes through revisions. The end result is always a stronger product.

    Today’s Seidio has the experience, the drive, and the ability to address the needs of our customers.

    With our retractable offerings, as well as our other products, we are constantly taking into consideration everything that’s been posted and emailed into account to develop better equipment for you.

    Our goal is to become your first choice for Smartphone, iPod, PDA, and GPS accessories. We are constantly in both a development and refinement process.

    Do we want to make sure that customer’s complaints and issues are dealt with in a prompt, courteous, and satisfying manner? Yes. Do we welcome and eagerly anticipate your feedback and desires for current and future products? Again, a most resounding “Yes”!

    If you have been less than satisfied with our responsiveness to your needs in the past, we wholeheartedly apologize.

    Seidio is here for the long run. We will be the first company to develop products for the Treo as it continues to evolve.

    We welcome any and all public and/or private responses to this posting. Thanks to all of our existing customers and a hearty welcome to the acquaintances we look forward to making!
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    I like most of the products from Seidio. For my Treo 600 , Seidio offers reliable INNOdock cradle charge and Syc well. A leather case secure and durable.

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