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    I'm not really very good at reviews. I'm also really busy at work now, but I wanted to tell you all this thing is wonderful.

    It is the same form factor as the HBH 608 as far as I can tell. It has the usual Sony odd fit. It is not as comfortable as my Plantronics 510, but comfort is acceptable for the way I use it. I don't keep it on unless on a call so it is not on my ear more than an hour at a time at most.

    I tested it today using my very patient wife as the test subject. I called from several environment including my car with the drivers window open and she could not identify where I was. The noise cancellation seems to work very well. Better than the Plantronics for sure. I have never used the HBH 300 so I can't compare the two. While there is no specific wind noise cancellation mentioned by Sony, a mildly windy day had no effect on the call.

    The incoming volume is quite high. Very similar to the Plantronics. I have volume set about half way for office use and put it up one step while in the car. The speaker distorts a bit at full volume, but I find I don't need it that loud. For ear gel fans, the clear Jabra's fit.

    Pairing was simple and worked the first time. It connect on an outgoing call almost instantly. Connection on incoming calls was either on the first ring or between the first and second. It has been connected by the second ring every time so far.

    I don't know if this thing is full duplex or not, but it acts as if it is. I haven't had it long enough to comment on battery life in real use. I made over 4 hours of calls today without a problem. The worst thing so far is that the manual sucks. Very little clear information in it, but I have not checked Sony's site to see if there is a more extensive version online.
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    You know, I've lived in Georgia for 30 years now and never even knew there was a Gillsville (which is pretty bad since I live in Athens, which I now know is just the other side of Commerce from you).

    Anyway, thanks for the review! I've been waiting patiently for this to come out and you've answered almost all of my questions. Where did you find it and how much did you end up paying? I've found one site using Froogle that claims to have it in stock (for $89), but even S/E's site shows it out of stock which makes me skeptical.

    Does the headset allow you to wear it with or without the ear hook? I'm not the biggest fan of the hooks, especially for quick attachment, and would like something that allowed me this flexibility. Oh, and on a related note, were your call volume notes with or without the Jabra gels on?

    Thanks again, and be sure to give us a followup after you've had a few days with it!

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    I pre-ordered this headset about two months ago from Mobilecity

    It was listed at $99.99 but I received an email early in the week saying it was now in stock an the price would be $89.99. The link above is to the item on their site and it is listed as in-stock.

    The volume I mentioned was without ear gels. I prefer the hook myself so I don't use the gels. I happened to have some around and knew people would want to know if they fit, and they do. I'll give you an update after a few days of use.

    Even people in Gillsville don't know where it is. It's really just a post office.
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    I also have been patiently waiting and got mine yesterday. I was using the HBH-662 before.

    I Love the fit of this unit. It is MORE COMFORTABLE then the 662 and the ear hook not randomly pop off.

    As for using it without the ear hook, YES you CAN use it without. They redesigned the speaker so it is large and looks more self containewd and will go in your ear and stay there and will not feel like the unit is falling out.

    I always had trouble with my other unit not answering or losing the pair unless I pressed the button.

    This works GREAT.. grabs the call and rings right away... And it sounds GREAT! If someone calls you froma landline it sound slike they are talking to you through a microphone.

    The other poster is right.. THe manual leaves a bit to be desired.. They give you two cover things but dont explain how to use them.. they are not needed though.

    They did away with the hook into the charging port for the neck strap.. that is now seperate ewhich makes it easier to keep around your neck and put into your ear when a call comes in if you do not like to keep it in your ear all the time like me.

    I have ALWAYS been happy with Sony Ericcson headsets and this is NOT exception... definitely reccomend it. The digital quality and noise calcellation and comfort is great.
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    Thanks to both of you for the info! I've placed an order for one through MobileCity. This was the place I found it using Froogle, but I'd not done business with them before, so I was a bit dubious. Anyway, I'm glad to hear that they are legit and I'm looking forward to my new headset. Oh, and I looked at the "manual" online so I know what (not) to expect. If I have problems, I'll know who to ask...
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    Well, mine's going back. I've just had too much trouble with it. I'm not sure whether I've got a bad one or whether they've just got to work the bugs out of the new headset with the new BT2.0 radio.

    Aside from awful static (probably mostly my Treo, since its not unbearably bad using a Nokia 6600), I've had multiple inexplicable dropped calls, or whatever you would call it when the headset just craps out and returns the call to the handset. This has occurred using my full-time Treo and my test Nokia 6600, so I'm pretty sure it is the headset.

    By way of a true bug that you should be aware of, the headset will not pair with multiple devices. The instructions say to hold down both buttons to pair with a second (or third or fourth) device, but once you've paired with the second device, you can no longer use the first device. Repairing with the first then deletes the second and this goes on indefinitely. I've read posts elsewhere of people with the same problem, so this doesn't appear to be isolated.

    Anyway, as I specifically wanted to use the headset with multiple devices and I certainly can't live with dropping calls, it's heading back for a refund. Here's hoping mobilecity's return policy is honored.

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