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    Hey all,

    Just got my Treo 650 through Verizon. After activating it, I get no signal meter icon at all at the top of the screen. Any ideas? I don't think I did anything to turn it off.
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    Are you sure your phone is on?
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    Yup! It's able to recieve and make calls. Just no signal meter.
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    Any 3rd party programs installed? Most Zlauncher themes don't show the signal bar. Also, do you have a signal bar in the phone application?
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    Only 3rd party program I have installed thus far is Filez.

    The phone application shows no signal meter either.
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    Sounds like it's "take it back and get another one" time.

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    i r dum

    I had the phone set to the "midnight" color theme, which is a black background. The signal meter is black. Hence no meter.

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    I was going to suggest you try night vision goggles, but you figured it out!

    ...and welcome aboard!
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    lol! Thanks
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    Thanks for the giggle, that was a good one

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