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    First, can the vibrate alert be shortened in Verichat or is that a T650 setting?

    Problem is that when in silent mode on Verichat (at work) the "Vibrate on incoming message" is way too long. I would prefer a shorter length vibrate alert. Is this possible?

    Second. When in Sounds & Alert Preferences : Mode > Standby. I noticed that there was no "Vibrate on incoming message" option. When I am actively using the phone I usually see the new chat request and not really need the "vibrate on incoming message" option. Not to mention the screen shows flashes a new chat request.

    But if my T650 is in my pocket/case and in Standby I would like it to vibrate and notify me of a new request. I missed several requests yesterday because of this. So what exactly does "Stand By" mean. I had "Vibrate on incoming message" checked for Stand By mode and while in the Messaging app it vibrated. I thought "Stand By" meant that the screen was off, like when it's in your pocket or case?

    Anyone have a workaround for this or know of another app that offers this feature?

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