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    I'm thinking of getting a Treo650 (verizon) and having trouble figuring out if it's going to do all of the things I'm hoping it will. I've been reading quite a bit but having trouble assembling answers to all of the questions I keep coming up with.

    I've recently taken a new position as a computer field engineer. I have frequent need to remotely access the internet to download drivers and check support sites. Thus far, I've been using a basic LG phone tethered to my laptop via USB cable, and using Verizon's NationalAccess 1xrtt on my minutes-of-use plan. I'm very happy with this, but after some reading I've come to uunderstand that: a) tethering is acutally frowned upon by VZW, and b) MOU is not a great idea with the Treo650, b/c many apps automatically connect and I could end up with a huge bill.

    I'd like to be able to continue to use my (new Treo650) cellphone as a modem for my laptop. Although I've read you can't tether the 650, I've read you can still use the 650 as a modem by installing a "DUN Hack" and using the bluetooth connection as the link.

    So my 3 biggest questions are:
    1) Can you guys/gals confirm that it is possible, with the DUN hack or some other way, to use the Treo650 as a modem for my laptop
    2) If so, is it "supported" to use the 650 as a modem if I get the $45.99 unlimited data plan, or is this frowned upon by VZW just like a tethered cellphone is with MOU? Surfing only on the 650 might be neat, but I need a cellular connection from my laptop for my job. I know there's a cellular modem card, but I'm trying to accomplish everything with the treo if possible.
    3) Am I still using 1xrtt in this scenario, and what are the speeds like (assuming good signal)? I'm relatively happy with the 1xrtt speeds. I've read about another data network -- I forget the acronym.

    I'm hoping you experienced folks can set me straight.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm not so sure about Verizon Treos (I'm a Sprint customer personally), but I believe the DUN hack is no longer needed on the latest Treo 650 firmware b/c it was enabled in the latest update. Thus you should be able to use DUN with your Treo as modem for you laptop via BT. If you want to use a tethered option, then the best bet is to use pdanet from junefabrics:

    Whether your wireless provider will frown upon this or not is a different matter. However I'ld advise you to do a search and find out other user experiences here to see if they've had any problems. In regards to Verizion, I don't think you should have any problems especially if you have the unlimited data plan fyi...
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    gfunkmagic is right on target. I don't think the hack is required for any of the major carriers anymore. Speaking from experience, once you get BT DUN to work it works as well as the paid solutions such as PDAnet. However getting it working can sometimes be a hassle even without having to do a hack. We have a troubleshooting guide posted on our site here:

    As far as the speed, I don't know exactly how it compares to 1xrtt but again, based on my experiences, it's not very fast but it adequate for site browsing and downloading small drivers and things like that. - the latest tech news, reviews, and free hardware and software support. - Wookin' pa nub? 100% Free dating site with photo profiles and local search. - Got love, now need money? Find short term and freelance work.
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    With Verizon you do need to either use the hack or PDAnet. I used the hack for a while but it caused reliability problems with bluetooth (rebooting) so I bought PDAnet and it works great. Tethered usage IS frowned upon by VZW - the unlimited data plan does not allow you to tether it to a laptop (either via bluetooth or usb cable). With that in mind a lot of people do it (myself included). It's not something I do on a daily or continuous basis - just for emergency purposes. I run high usage websites for companies and need to be able to login to work on the servers, etc. Most of the time I work directly from the Treo (using ssh) but occasionally when I'm on the road I'll need to get on with my laptop and I do so. I would guess that less than 2% of my data usage is tethered and I'm using ~120mb a month.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll probably try the hack first knowing I can fall back on PDAnet if I have problems.

    I stopped in a VZW store and asked them about using the Treo as a modem. They said it wasn't supported but it wasn't a problem that they were going after. I know verizon CSR opinions are like a box of chocolates, but at least I know it isn't such a big deal that memos have been sent to stores.

    Thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MiRexer
    Tethered usage IS frowned upon by VZW - the unlimited data plan does not allow you to tether it to a laptop (either via bluetooth or usb cable).
    What do you mean by this? Are you saying Im going to have additional charges if I used my treo as a modem?
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    I'm saying that you could get additional charges. Look at this page on Verizon's site - . Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see these lines:

    Internet Access
    Mobile Office Kits, PC Cards, PDAs or other wireless modem devices may not be used for Internet access without a subscription to select VZAccess plans.
    Here are the pages with the VZAccess information: - broadband is one of the VZAccess options and it's $59.99 a month - - national access is the other one and it is also $59.99 a month - . That said as I said above a lot of people do it and aren't getting charged (including myself) - although technically they could. This has been happening to Sprint customers recently - here is a thread about that
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    I see... so have we heard of anyone who has used their treo as a modem and has gotten charged?

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