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    I was getting a sync problem, researched the problem and one of the resolutions was to do a reset. I did a soft reset and my device was freezing on the Palm splash screen. I then tried a hard reset (K + backspace + reset) and now the screen is totally dark.

    Is this a dead device or is there something I can do to save it?

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    A hard reset is holding down the phone on/off button on the top of the phone while performing a soft reset. DON'T LET GO OF THAT BUTTON until the palm screen appears and stays. Try that. It will ask (if you did it correctly) if you want to erase all data, push up for yes or down for no.
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    yeah, that didn't work. Still a dead screen. Do I need to open her up and disconnect the battery?

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    That sounds like it could be a boot-loading mode issue. You'll want to PM shadowmite to help you with this. Shadowmite has a great deal of experience with "hacking" the Treo line and may be able to help you get your T600 back.
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    You can do a battery disconnect reset w/o opening the patient. See this link ->
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    well, I got it going, not sure how. I thought it was acting similar to how it does when it has no power.

    So I plugged it into the charger and about 5 minutes later it was up. I had 90% battery, so I know it wasn't a dead device due to battery issues...

    Not sure what happened, almost seems that the reset device didn't realize that it had a nearly full battery...


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