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    what will this mean to the MAC faithful, palm has always made sure mac users were not left out in the cold, now what?
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    Missing Sync.
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    It doesn't mean they will stop producing Palm OS based Treos. The new Palm OS, recently purchased by a Japanese software company, will actually be running linux. Linux will probably be easier to sync with OS X than the current Palm OS.
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    with Missing Sync in mind ----- how easy is it to sync with Windows Mobile from OS X?

    better than Palm?

    any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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    I used the PDA2k with Missing Sync. For basic functionality it was better than Palms Hotsync for me. What I mean is, I just launched iSync and sync'd as usual, totally 'hidden'. Although the HotSync software always worked very well - and having a complete backup of the phone each time you sync is quite reassuring - but the software is a bit ugly and awkard compared to iSync.

    On the other hand, if you want to do anything more advanced than sync contacts etc then that's when you get really into dodgy ground using Windows Mobile with a Mac. Often this meant having to use (and purchase) Virtual PC and the hassle of launching this every time you wanted to install any new software. Then when you try to overcome all the bugs associated with Windows Mobile, and you want to get the next ROM version in the hope that finally your device will start working properly, you then discover you cannot do it at all using a Mac. Not with Missing Sync, not with Virtual PC, not at all.

    That was the last straw - and that's why I sold my PDA2k.
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    MarkSpace (Missing Sync) and PocketMac both say they will support Mac syncing with WM5. How soon? they want say for sure, but I think in time for the Treo 700w release. I will be at MacWorld SF 01/07/06 - 01/14/06 Mark Space is also there and last year PocketMac was there pushing the Blackberry sync product, so I'll push them for info then.

    The one problem I see with the Missing Sync, if the features end up been the same as there PPC edition, is it will only sync Contacts, Events and install CAB files.
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    thanks for the comments

    it doesn't sound like Mac to WM syncing is paradise, either
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    Quote Originally Posted by HasanDaddy
    thanks for the comments

    it doesn't sound like Mac to WM syncing is paradise, either
    Back when I was on an Axim, PocketMac was amazingly easy to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Typo Lad
    Back when I was on an Axim, PocketMac was amazingly easy to use.
    if the TreoW proves to sync well with Macs, then I'll go for it

    I'm sick of trying to get the Palm syncing to go fast and be consistent

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