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    Just got my Sprint 650 Treo. (correction)

    I ordered it after reseacrhing the blackberry and the trio. I was already an existing Nextel and T mobile cutomer (sidekick). Anyway I have it now and love it. I have a small business that I run and seems like I needed more then the sidekick. Worked well with the emails and memo type features. Was tired of paying 2 bills.

    So far this thing is great. It cuts most cost because Sprint has such great plans far as data and voice are concerned. At this point Im having difficulties with the mail but havent spent time really so Im sure its me. I have one outlook account but the other keeps giving me an error. Coming from that toy Im amazed at how much you can do with this phone. could take the place of my wifey Well almost.

    I do have a couple of questions for the experts. Im new to smart phones and my biz is small so I dont need alot of apps. I would like to get a chat for all of the messaging, and a music program. Maybe the one that gives you a volume boost. (wondering if it works with Bluetooth, dont have yet but gotta have it) Those are 3 I dont mind paying for. Im assuming those are very stable. Are there any free apps that seem as stable as the ones you have to pay for? I want to keep things as stable as possible because if something goes wrong Im dead in the water. lol Think I saw a map prgram and a couple of others that may come in handy.

    Is there anything else that would be useful enough to pay for it? I basically will be using the chat, email, and browsing some.

    OOOooo I almost forgot how do you install programs lol. Do you have to sync up or can you open from an email? I know it sounds silly but Im really new to these kind of phones.

    Thanks in advance
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    First of all, you got a TREO.

    Second, it would really help if you read the manual that came with your treo. It is probably on the CD that you got and it should have installed the manual in the PalmOne program group on your computer. There is also a program on your Treo called Quick Tour that you should look at.

    Third, look at the "sticky" threads at the top of the 650 hardware forums. You can get a lot of info from those.

    For the programs, you will want Verichat for chatting and PocketTunes for music. You will need a SD card to put music on.
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    You will probably be using Docs to GO, so, save yourself 4mb of internal memory by using this tool to move the DTG programs to your SD card:

    (BTW - get an SD card, 1GB minimum if you will be doing music.)

    Cheers, Perry
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    Get pTunes for music.
    Get VolumeCare for a volume's worth the small price.

    I know some people use VeriChat for IM.......

    You will install your apps by HotSyncing..

    I would get a launcher; I use ZLauncher.

    I also find Butler to be useful.

    There are several threads on great freeware. I think DirectoryAssistant is one of the most useful.

    This is just to get you started. One real quick note....and I see that it has already happened......the best advice I can give you is to search on the forum before posting.....people get a little excited when you don't.

    Good luck and welcome to the fray!!!
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    First, make sure that you have the latest firmware. For Sprint, it is firmware 1.12.

    I use Pocket Tunes for my music playback, but the bundled and free realplayer is not bad either. Try it out and see if it meets your need.

    I use verichat for IM, but the latest version can cause occasional resets if you use the always-on feature.

    Last but certainly not the least, do a search in TC before your ask questions. 99% of your potential questions have already been covered here.

    Welcome to Treo and TC.
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    If you use MSN or Windows Messenger try CCLite by KalemSoft. It's free and works for me. Just go to the top of this page and search for CCLITE.

    Best wishes
    Joe <><
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    If you want more advanced email functions, get snappermail
    Get a second browser, like xiino. It speeds up your web experience.
    And get PXAClocker to speed up your cpu.
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    Audacity is a good voice recorder application.
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    Thanx people. Ive been using a day now and just got a blue tooth head set and its great.

    I see people get alittle excited but appreciate the people who actually helped.

    Im not a forum technology type but thanx again and definetly using the search feature. Still wanted to know exactly what would be good for my situation.

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