For the last few days, my 2 years old Treo 600 started to act funny in the evening. When I get a call, I will hear 1 or 2 rings and whether I try to answer or leave it alone, I will not be able to pick up the call. The caller will continue to hear the ring tones until voicemail picks up. At first I thought it was because of Sprint and Nextel just merged and the network is having problems, but then I figured out if my phone is full charge (in the morning or afternoon) or if I am connected to the charger, I don't have this problem.

Is my battery really going bad? The phone is 2 years old. Or is it possible that when my battery is at half strength, It started picking up the signal from a different source or my phone is bouncing between 2 networks causing it to disconnect? Any idea? Thanks.