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    Today I was trying to check what time I made a call.

    The strange thing is my call log was all wrong. Calls I had made the previous day were listed as having been made today. The time didn't change. So at 8am today I found logs for calls made at 6pm this evening. So either my phone traveled in time or my call log is corrupted ;-)

    In addition my calls are no longer being logged. The log remains the same no matter what activity I have. Purging it of course fixed the issue.

    I have TakePhone installed and it's call log matches the built in call log so I guess they are using the same data.

    Has anyone else ever seen this ?
    Any ideas on what might be the cause ?

    I have had to restore my system from backup's a few times because my treo resets itself and loses the saved preferences on a regular basis.
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    More interesting info. More investigation reveals that many of my databases are not set into the future. Looking at my RAM with RescoExplorer many of my Databases show a date of 9/29/2005 11am and it's only 9am now (Eastern) .

    My Date & Time setting is manual because of the bug with "Enable Local Network Time" which jumps the clock back and forward everytime you start the radio. The manual time which is set is correct. So how did my databases get a timestamp in the future ?
    Treo 650 Verizon 1.04
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    In Date & Time, is your location correct? If you edit locations, is the DST setting for that location correct?
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    Do you have Ringo? I've had it when Ringo screwed up my call log and caused my phone to reset when I had a voicemail. I switched to mRing and no problems at all anymore.

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