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    What is the cheapest (but works properly) Bluetooth Adapter (class 1) 100m signal strength.

    Or should I just wait for the bluetooth 2.0 adapters and not bother wasting my money on obsolete technology?

    I saw a offer for a adapter at $9.95 after mail in rebate (I think at compusa? or was it FRY's) I hesitated because I hadn't gone out and researched enough on it. And am now thinking that I missed out on a really good deal. I believe they were (class 1).

    Anyone know of any similar deals out there? I cant see paying $30 for something that will soon be obsolete, let alone 40+

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    I suggest doing a search of the forums:

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    Mobile Crossing BT GPS

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    CompUSA has a Class-1 (long range) USB Bluetooth dongle for $29 (I think). It is their house-brand model. I'm considering getting it myself.

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