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    There is nothing wrong with the application or quality (it improved with the latest version). However, I was just not using it at all. The only time was to show off to friends, and that too for a few minutes. Not worth $120/yr, to me.

    There is no point using it when I am home..or at work .. or when I am driving :-)

    When travelling, say waiting at the airport, I am reluctant to run down the battary or miss an incoming call. Even this type of travel situation is very infrequent for me.

    Things I'd like to see:

    1. A different pricing model. Maybe yearly subscription, at half the cost .. Or better still, a "pay per use" so that the 3-4 times I might use it, I could pay, say $2-3/hour.

    2. Different way of viewing content. Pay/view movies? All episodes of Seinfeld? Watching CNBC, MSNBC doesn't cut it for me.

    3. Ability to "Tivo" so that I can record a show to the SD card and watch it at my convenience.

    Anyway, I used a part of the $120/yr I saved to buy Handmark Express at 50% off (see another thread) (Approx $35/year). Seems very useful set of utilities that I'll use more than MobiTV
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    I agree, it's just too damned expensive to watch crappy, choppy video on your smartphone. Add to that the fact that it sucks you battery dry and that you can't recieve incoming calls b/c of cdma limitations, it makes it even less appealing. IF MobitTV offerred a discounted yearly rate I might have considered keeping it, otherwise it's a totaly waste of money imo...
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    same here i just don't use it..
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    I too will cancel my subscription after my first month runs out. The cost is prohibitive. Also, the streaming video seems like a good idea until you realize that it will block all calls, and you wonder while you're watching if someone is trying to call. (That's the same reason I don't stream w/ PTunes and am not overly excited about streaming with EV-DO on the next phone.)

    I think if I was able to download recorded shows for under $5/month, I might reconsider.
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    I decided to try it out for a month. I used it this past weekend while out of town running away from Rita and didn't want to disturb my wife and son sleeping in the same room.

    My wife's also pregnant and due very soon, so I expect I'll use it here again shortly.

    But other than that, I just don't travel all that much. I'll be cancelling shortly, but would be more than happy to pay about $5 a month for the service, be it a recurring bill, or a pre-paid annual fee of $60.

    And I'd also like to see more channels. Sports, Fox News, Local news channels, HBO would be great.

    But $10 is just too much.
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    I agree, $10 a month is just too much.
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    Add me to the list. I agree with everything above.

    The number one reason I have my Treo is to use it as a productivity tool. When I want to use it for entertainment on my train rides to work, there are enough other options that provide me immediate enterntainment - what I want when I want it...

    Blazer - I can immediately browse whatever websites I am interested in at that particular moment.

    Verichat - I can immediately chat with whatever friends are online.

    PocketTunes - I can listen to whatever music, podcast or audio book I feel like. I even have the option to stream whatever entertainment I choose from shoutcast.

    TCPMP - I can watch whatever movies or recorded TV shows I want when I want.

    I think the main thing for me is choice. With MobiTV, you can only watch whatever is playing at that particular time. I would say that 8 out of 10 times I tune in to the different channels, I don't see anything worth watching. The pixelation and rough audio does not help the situation either.

    This is all personal opinion, so if you are a big fan of MobiTV - that is great. I think they are doing some wonderful things, but right now, it's not wonderful enough for me to drop $10/month.
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    I just cancelled after first 20 days...The choice of content and sound quality needs to improve and price needs to go down before I will try it again.
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    No heavy heart here. Tried it for 3 days before uninstalling. Too much $$$ for crappy pic quality.
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    The price is too high for current channels provided. I don't care about Vegas gambling, etc., and would like to be able to add/subtract channels I prefer.

    Perhaps the price structure will flush out as more competition comes on line.

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    I'm glad I saw this thread. I knew there was something I was forgetting to do. Time cancel.
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    I agree with siriusbliss.

    Vegas? Emmys? CMC? Fashion TV? CSPAN?

    I could care less for all but about 3 of the channels. If there were about 8 or so channels I was interested in at least somewhat, I'd pay $5 a month.

    The only way I'd pay $10 a month is if it was video on demand for shows that I was interested in.
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    Too Expensive. $10 - $20 / Year is more my speed...

    Maybe a $0.25 per hour of use fee?
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    Add me too. They need better channels. There is a company in Europe doing similar thithings on cell phones but with WAYYY better channels. IMO, they should have gotten all their content & THEN launch after that. Now they will lose customers because they launched with crap azz channels AND charge $10 a month?!!!!
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    As I've said in other threads, I love the concept but I want access to shows I care about so what I really want is to stream my TiVos. That being said, I'm glad that MobiTV came out with a Palm version. They have proven to me that streaming video IS possible and is not too bad to view on the small screen.

    I think this is really the market that Slingbox needs to get into. I don't personally own a Slingbox because all you can currently use with is a Windows PC. I don't know about most of you but I never carry my laptop around when I'm bored and need a bit of entertainment. My laptop is for work at work and my PC at home is only a room away from my TV. HOWEVER, my Treo is on me at all times.

    This is pretty much the same reason why I don't own an iPod. Why carry a mp3 player when your phone can do pretty much the same function? The Treo could play music well before "music phones" became a hot topic.

    Anyway back on topic... I heard that TCPMP is working on a streaming function as well. Not exactly what I want yet but maybe I can find a way to make it work with TiVo when that feature arrives in TCPMP.
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    Dropped it after 2 days.
    There is no competition between receiving phone calls or watching choppy video.
    I have to admit...
    Even if it was free I probably wouldnt use it.
    It just is not very practical.
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    Streaming TiVo is possible currently on WM phones such as the PPC6700. It works just as well as MobiTV and you can also stream live tv from your home comptuer's video card just as easily. I never could do it when I had my Treo, but hopefully they will have some functionality like that soon. This is all done thru BTW

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    Interesting article todat on mobile TV..
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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    Interesting article todat on mobile TV..
    You could have warned us the Mobi stuff was at the very end

    Anyhow, here it is:
    "-- MobiTV, which won an Emmy for its TV service, is releasing MobiTV2, a new platform with a better channel guide and on-demand premium video."

    Maybe on-demand is something we'd be willing to pay for? I know I probably would.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    You could have warned us the Mobi stuff was at the very end
    Sorry, meant mobile TV in general, not MobiTV specifically...although the first mention of Mobi begins in the middle of the article
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