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    ditto. cancelled.....programming was terrible....and i travel alot
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    Add me to the list of those who canceled Mobi TV.

    The content just isn't worth $10 per month.
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    I paid for it for a month. For $10, you have to get DirecTV type programming. For $2 a month, you can get away with gimmick programming.
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    Ok I picked up the treo yesterday, since it's FINALLY avalilable for alltel service. I had the 600 from sprint and loved it. I finally got a 650. Yay!

    Now a question:
    I'm gonna jump on the mobitv bandwagon and test it out for a month. I am having some trouble though. I can get the preview channel but no others. I verified my login infomation is the same as the handago site, and uninstalled the program three times with no luck... any ideas?

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    I've cancelled my subscription this month as well. I just never use it.

    its a fantastic new capability for the treo, but I just don't find myself in enough situations where watching mobitv is a badly needed application.

    secondly, they simply need to add more choices to pick from - the science channel, history channel, national geographic, etc. more of those would bring me back I think.

    thirdly, the current number of channels just doesn't warrant the $10 cost. too expensive for the small selection. $3.99 / month is what they should be charging, not $10/ month.

    add hbo, sho, cinemax to the channels I mentioned above and I would probably come back.
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    Yup, I'm going to remove it as well... I'd rather spend a few bucks/month on a 2nd sirius subscription, and not have to keep moving it between car and house <g>.

    That said, it *is* pretty cool technology with lots of potential. I hope they can make their business model work...
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    I too have just cancelled my subscription. While $9.99 is not a lot of money, since I never really use MobiTV it makes no sense to pay the fee. As others have mentioned, I wish it were possible for them to come out with a plan where you get a certain number of minutes per month.

    Also, maybe an EVDO phone will allow for better quality. I might reconsider the current cost model if the quality were higher. With that said, I was pleasently surprised with the quality over CDMA.

    I'll be keeping an eye on MobiTV because I like the idea.
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    I still have it (about two weeks now) and will probably cancel it. Sound quality is not good and video compression is only good for realtively still images so even if they offered movies, the experience would not be that great.

    I think they should offer the following to make it worth the $$:

    1) Better audio
    2) Better video (this will require higher speed network than currently offered on the Treo650)
    3) Better selection
    4) Offer the ability to stream videos on demand
    5) Full screen option please!

    Do note that GSM customers (Cingular/T-Mo) will receive phone calls while watching MobiTV. One of the benefits of GSM and GPRS service.

    A fast newtwork helps things a lot - I use it at work over a bluetooth connection on our T3 line and get good frame rates. I think it would be a decent service for a PALM T/X where you can take advantage of a wifi networks speed.

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    Hi there - just wanted to address a couple of things mentioned here:

    -Alltel is not currently supported as a carrier on the Treo, but this will be happening soon. I'll post here when we're tested and ready to go. If you purchased MobiTV for an Alltel Treo, call our customer support and we'll credit your account until it's available.

    -We just deployed a new release to Sprint's vending machine which fixes a few things, as well as an infrequent crash that some of you may have experienced. You can redownload version 1.0.1s from the vending machine itself. We'll be pushing the same fixes to Handmark's vending machine when we update the app to add Alltel support.

    -Again, we hear you about wanting lower cost versions, more content, etc. and we're working on expanding the flexibility of the offering. As I know most of you know, your $10/mo goes primarily to your wireless carrier and the content providers, and you do get a large discount over what the a-la carte prices would be (imagine $5-7/mo for just MSNBC). But we do hear you and we are working on it. Thanks for being interested!

    -I am finishing up the TX version as we speak. Expect it to be available before Christmas. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

    Cheers --
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    hello I paid $10 pe rmonth from your website & NOT through Sprint. How does any of this go to SPrint? SO you guys do this for free virtually?!
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    I can't go into the details, but there are a lot of people in the food chain regardless of who you buy MobiTV from. Vending partners, marketing partners, carriers (who provide the bandwidth and are therefore interested in being compensated), content providers, everybody gets (or at least wants) a piece. The same is true of your cable company; somebody pays for all of these pieces, it just so happens the cable guys control a little more of the ecosystem than we do.

    Anyway, please do understand that we're not trying to gouge anybody for this service; it really does cost a lot of money to operate. We're doing everything we can to give us more flexibility in how we price it. Again, thank you to everyone for being interested: just keep telling us and the people who own the content what you want, and you will probably get it. As always, though, at a price
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    You may want to know - MobiTV also regularly crashes Cingular on an unlocked Treo. How about a fix?
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    As I noted above, when we add Alltel support, I'll also be rolling in a fix for an infrequent crash (infrequent for most people, anyway). I'll post again here when it's ready. Let me know if that fixes you up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobitv

    -Again, we hear you about wanting lower cost versions, more content, etc. and we're working on expanding the flexibility of the offering.
    Please consider a "pay-per-view" model where I can watch selected episodes of sitcoms etc (past episodes of Friends, Seinfeld should be cheaper to you than current TV shows) say for $1-2 /episode that once in a while that I am travelling or stuck somewhere.

    The problem with subscription was that I felt "panicky" as days would go by without me using MobiTV. I felt that I was wasting my $10 as days went by .. With a cheap pay-per-view, I can use the service infrequently and not feel that way.
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    Pay per view is on its way in MobiTV2, although I wouldn't necessarily bet on syndicated shows. They're not cheap! However, in these days post-video iPod, the landscape is much more open than it used to be and these sorts of things may happen sooner than I think.

    But thanks for the feedback, and I see where you're coming from on the "subscription panic".
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    Wow thanks for lettin me know about the alltel support, man i was scratching my head trying to figure out why i was only getting the preview channel. I would still like to try the service when its available, and am looking forward to the updated version.
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    I just wanted to let everyone know of my positive experience with MobiTV. I don't know how you guys are complaining when the service is only $10 / month. You are getting 25+ channels of programming ON YOUR PHONE with pretty good quality video/audio. Again, TV on your PHONE. I personally think this is an amazing service with a great GUI.

    The only thing I would improve on is more programming, but I'm sure in due time, MobiTV will fulfill this request.

    Great job MobiTV!

    p.s., the look on peoples' faces after showing them TV on my Treo650 is worth the $10 / month! I am still amazed
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    Give it a couple of months for the novelty to wear off ...

    It all comes down to content and what we pervive to be their value ..
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    yeah, it was all 'cool and groovy' to show off the still-limited channel selections to people at the airport while I was waiting for a flight a few days ago.

    Emails from the folks at Mobi a couple months ago mentioned that they'd be adding channels, but I think it would be awesome if they added them AT NO CHARGE rather than buying into this whole pay-to-play scheme. $10/month is PLENTY to get more channels - especially the ones that already have advertising. I refuse to subscribe to channels that have ads.

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    Too expensive. Constantly re-caching and they dont carry the channels I watch the most. Dumping it too. It was, however, a cool toy for a minute!
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