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    some of you guys would pay $20/month if it had pr0n

    I ahve to agree with most comments here. I was seriously looking at MobiTV, but it is too expensive. I would consider it if it was $75 - $80/year. But it would also need to have better selection of channels. I would even conider a $2 -$5 pay per view movie.
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    Only had it for a week, but I agree with you all. It's more of a "look at me...look what I can do" kind of application than anything. Not really worth the $10/month if you ask me.

    Alotta hype...not much bite.
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    With great content/shows, I'd keep it, but I'm getting sick of the news all the time.
    Gonna drop it after this first month.
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    BEAR MARKET. if the majority of people out there are willing to pay $10 a month, prices will never go down....
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    MobiTV definitely has that "cool" factor thatís fun to show off to your friends, but I as well couldnít justify spending $10 a month for it. I would have probably use it more if I traveled more frequently, but between my XM Radio in my car and DIRECTV at home I had little use for it.

    Perhaps if I start traveling more I'll re-activate my subscription.
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    I cancelled my subscription last week - current channel lineup not worth watching
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    I DL the demo,,, not even cool enough to show off to friends.

    Hey check out my fuzzy news channel,,,,, what,,, no the speaker isnt blown,, thats just how it sounds
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    I would probably be willing to pay $10 a month if it was bundled with Handmark Express.
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    I suppose if you regularly commute, for example to work, on a train or bus it would be nice to view the weather and news in the morning and some entertainment on the way home.

    I just installed TCMP a few days ago and I am really loving it!

    The quality is amazing and honestly, the WOW! factor has been very high so far. It's nice to watch a bit of a movie here or there and my kids are loving it (of course I don't let them take off with my Treo).

    Unfortunately, it's now going to be tough to transition to MobiTV or any type live video with inferior quality after getting used to this.

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    I cancelled my subscription on the 7th but had until Oct 12th left and it stopped working as soon as I cancelled. So I guess you really don't get until your subscription ends. I wonder if they are going to refund my money for the days that I did not get to use it.
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    I emailed the folks at MobiTV - - regarding the price-per-channel or price-for-service issue of the current product and am awaiting word back.

    I DID emphasize that they are losing subscribers due to either price or channel-choice issues. I also realize that MobiTV folks read this (and other) forums, so hopefully with near-future upgrades there might at LEAST be more channel choices for the price.

    It appears that MobiTV has mostly venture capital that does NOT seem to be affiliated with any one major media company. So, the lack of channel choices (my current pet peave) is probably just a licensing or re-broadcast issue. Maybe.

    Nice product with great potential, but not quite there yet as far as bang-for-the-buck is concerned.


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    I really enjoyed MobiTV beta, but once it expired I don't think I could justify the extra $10 on my phone bill. I might have kept it if it was $5 or less a month. I hope they lower their price.

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    I cancelled too, and I'm not upset in the least. It was cute for a few days, then it became gloriously useless. I only used it a few times, and most of those times I was forcing myself so I could get my money's worth, which I didn't.
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    I don't use it for long periods of time, but I do use it regularly/frequently. I think it's still really cool and worth it. I'm really looking forward to MobiTV2 and Mobi Radio. I absolutely love that I can watch these channels while riding (passenger) in a car or whatever. I like it mostly for breaking news, anything else I'd rather watch recorded on my TiVos.
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    How about a dollar per channel structure, if you click on the channel you like for that month you pay a dollar. And all the channels that loop (not live) should be for a first date, but to expensive to marry...if ya know what I mean...
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    I will keep my MobiTv and cancel my cable! It's Cheaper than cable with less channels and poorer vid quality but I am not home as much to justify 80$-100$ a MONTH for Comcast! Plus, I only scanned Msnbc, Discovery, ESpN when on cable anyway, so 10$ a mo. is a steal. A friend has Tivo and will record shows on demand for Me! I need breaking news access and press conferences in this deceptive age we live in. A damn phone call can wait when I am seeing and hearing some talking head warn of a viral outbreak or something. Most likely it is a friend calling getting the details all wrong! I need a source.(although you can't trust them always either) If I am getting a good signal, 15fps will suffice. I don't need to see the makeup on Chris Matthews' face anyway. Just
    Gimme the skinny on things, that's all. You know I recall a lot of you were clamoring for Mobitv support for 600-650. They heard you and at least responded within a reasonable time period. To each his own. My propers to Mobi-Tv.
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    I signed up for it the day it came out, along with my other half. We thought we'd use it, especially at his job he has a few good chunks of down time. But neither of us used it enough to justify paying $20.00 a month on top of our already over priced cell phone bill. A 2 Treo650 family hurts the wallet.

    When I cancelled the subscription, I commented that I had no problems with the actual products. Video quality could be better and more channels, but otherwise no issues. But I'd rather pay a yearly fee to or pay per channel I want to subscribe to.

    Hopefully they'll listen and make some adjustments. Wishful thinking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mtnmunch
    A 2 Treo650 family hurts the wallet.
    Ain't that the truth.
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    way too expensive. won't keep it
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    You guys just won't listen to me! :P

    Shortly after pricing was announced I knew this thing couldn't survive, at least at that price.
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