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    Any one with experience in both?

    What is in the GSM one that is not in VZW Treo650 and vice versa? What do you think? Which one do you like better.

    Apart from the obvious CDMA v GSM, SIM/no SIM and carrier signal issues.

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    what, CDMA doesn't use a SIM card??
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    I get better coverage with Cingular and the data service is much faster and more broad than Verizon.
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    i went from a VZN 600 to Cing. 650 - better coverage, ability to use my treo international, cheaper data plan, and better handling of push email and not missing calls because of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ttrundle
    what, CDMA doesn't use a SIM card??
    In CDMA, the programming is done in software.
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    I got my treo when making the switch from cing to verizon. since attws went to cing, their service has gone to complete hell. I get better signals with vzw as well.

    the one main thing I can't stand about vzw is the straight to vm any time your treo is using a data connection, which I hear doesn't occur as often.

    to be honest, if I (and many of my friends) didn't have such a crummy experience with cing (and I didn't just sign another 2 yr contract) I'd think about going back- granted I haven't had a chance to contact them about it, the straight to vm is reallly a major issue and I have a strong feeling they won't be able to do anything about it
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    I am using GSM. I got used to the complete control I have over the phone - pop the SIM out and put it in another phone while the Treo is charging (or while I am messing around with it).

    I was a VZW user and was quite pleased with their local coverage in my area. No SIM and much more locked in, but signal is good. Afterall, what is the point of a cell phone that can call 911 only.

    Is DUNS there?
    I think Versa Mail is there.
    Not sure about hot sync with outlook, same?
    What about other differences?

    I am hoping someone can share some expertise with me...
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    voice quality is dependent on your area. data speed may vary as well.

    on the hardware side, one difference is that gsm phones utilize better battery management, consequently you can expect longer battery life with a gsm treo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by naivete
    In CDMA, the programming is done in software.
    thanks........never had CDMA.
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    I have better coverage and reception here in the West Coast than I did with my Cingular Treo. I do miss the SIM card and being able to put it into my Motorola V505 when I did not want to lug the Treo around.

    As far as Data I am much happier with Verizon. I kept getting dropped with Cingular.

    Big reason for leaving Cingular: One I killed my treo with a custom ROM, Two: The customer support was horrid.

    Both did have their advantages, if Cingular Data had been better for me and more importantly the coverage in California I would have stuck with them.

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