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    I purchased a brand new Treo 300 off ebay.

    I am having some problems with battery life.

    I only get about an hour of talk time. Then, without warning... (and with the battery guage still showing about 50% full) my phone powers off and I lose all the data in my palm.

    Is my phone doomed? Do I need to get a new battery?


    I did a search and didn't find any other users having similar problems.


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    A new phone doesn't mean it was made yesterday, in fact I would suspect it's probably a few years old by now.

    The Treo 300 was never considered a champ as far as batttery life was concerned.

    But, regardless, that behavior is typical of a battery whose chemistry has worn out (whether through age or use).

    The good news is that you can buy new Treo 300 batteries for like $10-$15 shipped from ebay (with 10-15% higher capacity than the original Treo 300 battery).

    Changing the battery is easy if you take your time and open the case carefully.

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