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    I am having frequent network connection issues with the latest beta (well, I'm not exactly certain what is the culprit). Despite an online mailbox and an excellent signal, I will frequently open Chatter and get the Verizon signing on handshake. At times it seems to freeze or go on for minutes or I may get the menu-R prompt. Often it can only be terminated with a soft reset. The same handshake will often appear when opening other connected apps. As I am not a heavy email user, I set idletime to 1800. Could this be contributing to the problem?
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    It sounds like a network problem; I think Verizon may terminate the network connection after a short time if there's no activity.

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    I'm experiencing this too using Orange UK (firmware 1.31)

    Chatter 1.1[95:48]

    I'll try the latest beta and see if it still happens.
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    I suspect these are NOT the same problem. But I'd encourage both of you to send me logs that demonstrate what you're seeing.

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    I agree with Marc. I have had problems all day today with Verizon. My phone would freeze after hitting the dial button and I would get a no service message despite 3 bars. When receiving a test incoming call, I would not get any rings and the Verizon Wireless indicator would switch to no service on the 2nd ring. I then did a hard reset essentially wiping everything out and the problem persisted. It seems to be a problem in certain buildings but I can't figure it out as the signal meter indicates strong signal and it is not a typical dropped call pattern.
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    My voice connection is fine; it's just that the data connection keeps freezing & not connecting from Chatter. I'll try connecting from Blazer & see how the data connection goes tomorrow. If it I get similar issues, I'll send the log file.

    Thanks for the responses.
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    Same problems for me today with Verizon and Chatter. I have seen an error message twice about not enough network sockets or too many in use. Using Chatter 1.1.1b3

    I have found that if I do a soft reset, and then try to connect Chatter, it works just fine.
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    It seems my Treo has outlived its expected lifespan of 6 months (it is now at 10 months). This is one part of the loose internal connection syndrome. Early symptoms:
    1. Frequent SD card unmounts. Initially occurs with a little tap on the antenna, but then may appear spontaeously.
    2. Occasional network disconnects. Initially occurs in midst of call or connection but then seems to also occur unprovoked.
    3. 1 and 2 occur in combination. In space of 60 seconds, one may experience several card dismounts-remounts-dismounts in midst of a call disconnect. At this point, resist throwing the POS against the wall.
    4. Call Verizon and ask for a replacement and hope you get it within 3 days.

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